A Note to the Naked Community

Dear Naked community,

As you may have already seen, today we announced our decision to delay Naked's shipping schedule to November 2017. It’s tremendously important to us that Naked meets — and ideally exceeds — your expectations. This belief led us to make the very tough call to delay production, and I'd like to take the time to explain the rationale behind this change.

The delay stems from our decision to upgrade Naked’s scanning technology to Intel’s newest RealSense depth sensor. These sensors promise four times the resolution of the previous generation. Just last month, we received samples of these new sensors and we were thoroughly impressed by the improvement in performance.

These sensors have a number of benefits over their predecessor, specifically they:

  • Create higher quality, more detailed 3D models with more data points per scan
  • Provide more accurate body measurements and metrics
  • Show finer physical changes, which will allow you to see progress sooner

Above you can see a comparison of the quality of the scan data captured by the old sensor (left) versus the new sensor (right).

We know you are disappointed by the delay, and it hurts us to let you down. However, we're confident that the significant increase in quality and accuracy that comes from better data outweighs the cost of the delay. We think it is absolutely critical to utilize the best technology available, and knowing that there was something better out there, we could not pass up the opportunity to improve your experience with Naked.

Upgrading the sensors has given us the opportunity to make other improvements to the product, specifically we:

  • Switched from a 1.5GHz Intel Atom processor to a more powerful 2.7GHz Intel Kaby Lake processor, which will help future-proof Naked for years to come
  • Made internal improvements to the turntable for smoother, quieter rotation, and added a frosted glass top for easier maintenance
  • Changed the frame material from injection-molded polycarbonate to extruded aluminum in a matte finish, which will improve durability

The choice to upgrade sensors has significantly increased our testing, development, and verification workload, so we will need even more manpower. In order to minimize the impact of the delay, we’ve been growing our team rapidly — in the last month alone, we have brought on six critical engineering hires. Building a first-of-its-kind product requires bright, passionate, dedicated people and we are committed to hiring only the best.

I’d like to thank you for your support and enthusiasm. Every time I visit the Naked Insiders group or read an email from one of our amazing customers, I am reminded of why we are creating Naked — to keep people inspired and help them achieve their goals. We have an incredible community, and we are working nonstop to deliver you the best product possible, as soon as possible.

Farhad & the Naked team