Featured Expert: Andy Prevenas

Andy has a degree in Health, Wellness, and Fitness with a Strength and Conditioning emphasis from UW-Stout and UW-La Crosse. He has experience working with individuals ranging from collegiate athletes to the elderly. Andy's knowledge in health and wellness ranges from nutrition and diet to strength and conditioning for athletes and amateurs alike.

In his own words:

My passion is helping and pouring myself into the lives of others. I love to see people exceed goals that they once deemed impossible, and to be a part of that journey is one of the most rewarding experiences. I don’t believe in the “cookie cutter” fix because every body has been intricately woven, and that kind of design demands special attention.

My beautiful and supportive wife inspires me to share the same love she gives me with those I have the pleasure of meeting. We have a dog that never runs out of energy and are proud Subaru family members!

If you are interested in getting in touch with Andy, you can connect with him here.