Featured Expert: Sam Winter

Sam Winter, Naked’s new Research Scientist, is a PhD in cognitive neuroscience from Drexel University’s Eating and Weight Lab. While at Drexel, Sam used machine learning to predict weight gain in children, studied psychological factors related to success in weight-related treatment programs, and co-founded a startup focused on using data to optimize athletic performance.

With her extensive expertise in obesity, body composition, and human performance, Sam’s job is to conduct research on the variables that affect Naked’s ability to accurately and consistently measure body fat – such as gender, race, and age – and incorporate them into our models. She will also be examining other factors that could affect the accuracy of body fat, including hydration levels, hair, and the presence of loose skin.

Looking forward, Sam is excited to analyze Naked’s data to generate insights about which behaviors are most related to achieving your goals. This analysis will provide you with personalized feedback to make sure you’re setting yourself up for success. Sam just took an epic cross country roadtrip from Philly to move to San Francisco and join Naked. She is quickly discovering her inner-Cali girl and falling in love with the extensive hiking trails, running routes, and seemingly endless selection of quality beers.